Accomplishing More, While Having Less: Why RPA Is Key to Data Center Management, Growth

With the growing amount of data created each year by business and individuals, Data Centers across the world are trying to find faster, more efficient ways to manage the data, catalog it and then act upon it to help organizations turn a profit.

But the biggest challenge for data centers today? Centers are having to do much more with much, much less.
In the year 2000, the word ‘zettabyte’ hadn’t even been conceived yet – but today, we find ourselves in a world where data centers are conservatively estimated to be processing and interpreting more than 8 zettabytes of data a year. That’s the data equivalent of 2 trillion DVDs.

“These numbers are staggering when you think about the amount of data that is used each and every hour around the world,” said DISYS Global Services Director, Lee Micks. “Drastic innovation has to take place in Data Centers to cope with the growth and to make this data meaningful to organizations and their customers.”

And data center managers know this: They understand how important it is to keep up with increased data usage and how vital it is to act accordingly on data insights. But budgets are tight and it is proving difficult to find qualified employees who know how to take today’s centers to the next level.

“Data center design and innovation must move rapidly to keep up with pace,” Micks said. “Many centers are turning to staffing firms to help fill their knowledge gap and also turning to RPA (robotics process automation) to take over repeatable tasks – freeing up human employees to focus on more important issues at hand.”

DISYS is at the forefront of RPA innovation; helping organizations improve business processes through its Automation Center of Excellence. ACE delivers:

  • 24/7/365 process execution at a fraction of the cost of human labor output, creating 25-50% cost savings
  • Increasing production up to 2-5 times FTE output
  • Increasing accuracy, resulting in fewer human errors
  • Redirecting human resources to high-value, mission-critical activities
  • Making compliance and Legal requirements easier
  • Eliminating budget costs associated with ongoing training of employees
  • Increasing workload coverage without increasing overall FTE costs
  • Automating Environments Provisioning
  • Standardization of processes, eliminating human error

The innovation and importance of RPA within a data center is without a doubt, one of the saving graces behind data centers being forced to cut costs but still perform business-critical operations.

“Advances in RPA are leading the way to allowing data centers to not only process data, but display and sort it in such a way that allows for critical business decision-making,” Micks said. “It is allowing enterprises and their data centers to take on additional work, without having to add additional staff.”

The benefits of RPA within data centers can prove in many cases to be more valuable than an FTE, as RPA technology records everything – making Big Data not quite so ominous and overwhelming.

“The present state of data centers and their huge amount of data makes it difficult to identify bottlenecks within the processing and parsing of the data needed to make critical business decisions,” Micks said. “Deployment of RPA within these overwhelmed data centers creates huge opportunity for optimization and savings.”

Through RPA, the data being captured at any given moment can be analyzed through key analytics, using RPA to parse the data into understandable patterns.

“This valuable and indispensable part of RPA gives insight into the data for human decision-making,” Micks said. “We aren’t just talking about looking at user trends and analysis – we are talking about using RPA to totally revamp the way a business is seen by its customers – better enabling a company to serve and grow.

“RPA is a critical piece of the puzzle when discussing taking data centers to the next level and in their ability to handle the data growth we are seeing each and every year.”

About Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)
Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) is a global managed services and staffing firm with 33 offices worldwide specializing in Managed Staffing Services, Agile Services, Application Development Services, Business Intelligence Services, Cloud Enablement Services and Enterprise Resource Planning.

DISYS has created its Automation Center of Excellence to enable companies to realize the best value from robotics is achieved when coupled with process re-engineering. ACE is not used only to ‘fix’ broken processes — but to also re-imagine and optimize it.

ACE is part of a growing Process Automation wave where new innovations occur daily, fueling our commitment to ongoing process improvement and constant learning and refining of this cutting-edge technology solution.

Through its implementation, DISYS has helped accelerate the manual RSA token assignment and decommissioning process for a major healthcare provider, automated the movement of data from legacy systems without APIs to PeopleSoft which removed errors and reduced FTEs and developed an automation compliance system for customer accounts for a major banking institution.

DISYS is committed to accelerating productivity within organizations by not only improving practices, but partnering with clients to make sure process improvement is constantly evolving, as the technology evolves.

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