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Automated Processes Maintained To Keep Businesses Running

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You’ve invested heavily in your automated processes — even diverted human capital to other areas because the processes are up and running smoothly, efficiently and up until now, without fail. But bots do break. Failures happen. And with the right tools, can be detected quickly and repaired with little to no interuption to business operations.

Through its industry-leading  Automation Center of Excellence, automation monitoring & enhancement team utilize the DISYS BotDesk™ — a proprietary automation monitoring tool that anticipates potential risks, managed change and ensures your bots run as anticipated and on schedule.

The DISYS automation enhancement team is also ready and available to help you redefine your currently running processes when new requirements arise, a process needs to be adapted or an upgrade is needed. The DISYS Automation Center of Excellence is a place where innovation in automation is always at the forefront and visible through top-tier automated technology.

Through Automation Enhancement & Monitoring, the DISYS ACE Team gives you peace of mind — knowing your processes are carefully watched, evaluated & kept healthy.

DISYS Automation Monitoring & Maintenance

Your automated processes have saved hundred of man hours and freed up your human capital to fulfill other vital work. But could your processes do even more? Let us take a look and update your automation to enhance its capabilities.

When your internal IT can’t figure out how to troubleshoot or make adjustments to your automation, our monitoring & enhancement experts are on hand within the DISYS Automation Center of Excellence to answer questions, help troubleshoot and offer suggestions & support.

Through the DISYS Automation Center of Excellence, Automation experts can help deploy and provision your automated processes utilizing best practices and your deployment guidelines.

How are your automated processes doing? Are they helping you achieve your goals? Do they run as expected and measure up to your expectations? Through KPI Automation Reporting, DISYS can provision and launch reporting capabilities so you can see the necessary information needed to make core business decisions.

Efficiencies can always be added. Processes can always improve — especially as an organization changes and grows with the needs and demands of today’s consumer. Let the DISYS Automation Center of Excellence upgrade your automated processes and/or provide suggestions through a proof of concept. 


BotDesk is a real-time tracking tool that tracks and reports on the status of existing bots. It also provides vital metrics on performance and usabilit

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