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Trying to make sense of huge amounts of data from multiple sources or flying completely blind when trying to set business strategy makes a company’s future uncertain. Clear, meaningful insight through reporting is needed to steer critical business decisions.

DISYS Managed Services has expertise in multiple BI platforms like SharePoint, OpenText, FileNet to help pinpoint the perfect solution, providing vital insight into business data through real-time data reporting, providing improved operational efficiency via trend analysis and enhanced system performance with access to historical data.

Insight into Business Data & Verifiable Analytics takes the guesswork out of decisionmaking & reinforces growth strategies.

DISYS Data & Analytics Services

You know you have the data but aren’t sure how to access it or use it. The DISYS Business Intelligence Solutions team work to assess your current data stores and come up with meaningful ways to use it to determine much-needed business change and adaptability. DISYS BI can also help you mine additional data — so you always have what you need to make business-critical decisions..

To fully understand what is needed to for your business and to grow it, business intelligence must play a huge part in the decision process. When those systems aren’t currently available, DISYS can assess, design and build a BI data structure system that will mine, parse and report data in the ways in which it is most useful.
When all of your information needs to be stored onsite and run from systems within your four walls, DISYS offers a suite of on premise solutions to give clients what is needed.
Sometimes, the best solution is a mix of on premise software solutions and public solutions. DISYS has great success in merging the two solutions to accomplish and surpass internal business intelligence goals.
The amount of data your company collects can be absolutely daunting and nearly impossible to translate into actionable intelligence. DISYS offers customer BI and Big Data Solutions to cut through the noise of mass amounts of data and deliver to you what you need to make smart business decisions.
DISYS Cloud solutions are tailor-made to fit the specific needs of each of our clients. With pay-as-you-go plans that only charge for what you are using and smart dashboards, accessing cloud information efficiently opens up new opportunities for expansion. Get more info about DISYS Cloud Offerings.
DISYS Cloud experts formulate and execute a strategic plan to move all of an organization’s IT into a Cloud environment or from one Cloud platform to another. Learn More About Cloud Migration.
If you’re business is already cloud-based, great! But is it being upgraded and maintained 24/7? Besides offering the design and deployment of Cloud solutions, DISYS provides around-the-clock maintenance and support for deployed systems — regardless if we designed it for you or not. Our maintenance services are designed specifically to your needs.




Rapid Cloud Deployment Accelerator

Through the use of the Sirro® Rapid Cloud Enablement Tool, and with support from Amazon Web Services (AWS), DISYS seamlessly integrates businesses to The Cloud.

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